Robust Professional Support

Contact your nearby dealer to arrange for his factory-trained service experts to perform all maintenance on your equipment to the precise specs and schedules required to keep your crews at top productivity.

LiuGong global manufacturing facilities are Six Sigma certified for the precision and quality that make LiuGong machines among the most reliable and durable in the world, today.

Spare-parts Ordering Deck

LiuGong is committed in world class quality and engineering. Machines that are easy to own, easy to operate and easy to maintain. World-class machines must be built with world-class components. So, we use globally-respected systems and supplies you can count on like Cummins, ZF, Kawasaki and others. With Components like these you know your machine will work and work for you.

Spare-parts Inventory

We thoroughly structures our market that enters for success. First, we set up our support network with technical and spare parts depot within this region. We thoroughly establish all of the resources and tools that will need to take care of our customers. We recruit high quality professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to give you the support you expect. With LiuGong, you know you’ll get personal attention, prompt service and devoted partner dedicated to your success. When you think about it, you don’t have time for anything less. The Job must get done, no matter what.

After-sales Service (12 work bays - for Repair & Maintenance)

We trained our technician to provide prompt, excellent service and support. We maintain all the latest support tools and information and keep our staff up-to-date on best practices. Warranty support is managed through an on-line advance system. The worldwide parts inventory is available real-time, on-line as well. We are your integral partner in the product development process, so your ideas and needs are built into the machine.

Field Service Team - Equip with GPS

We established a solid infrastructure of support to service customers properly, and set up Field Service Team. Each team are knowledgeable, with the resources and dedications to deliver the service and support that customers deserve. Rest assured, when you buy LiuGong products, you will get a professional, whom is ready to stand behind you with 100% commitment for service, support and success.

Machine Inspection

Before every busy season, your LiuGong and YunLi dealer can thoroughly inspect your machines and perform proper maintenance service to make sure every crew will run at top productivity with minimal downtime as well as best fuel economy and operating costs.

Training Safety

Ask your dealer about training to help you efficiently operate your LiuGong equipment for top productivity, long life and low maintenance costs. Contact your local LiuGong dealer for more information.